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One of the drawbacks of owning chickens is that you can’t keep them in a one bedroom apartment in the city. So since I’m going to be moving to Montreal in a few days i had to give them away. I’ll miss them a bunch and I hope they like their new homes.

So I guess that is the end of this blog for now, not that i had been posting in it recently anyways. Maybe someday i will get to have pet chickens again but for the time being I will have to postpone my dreams of being a weirdo hippie/redneck lady for a little while.

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All Grown Up

In a previous post i announced that Munchkin was attempting to hatch some eggs. Unfortunately the eggs were all duds so there are no baby chickens here currently.



I did however receive an e-mail from a couple who bought two baby chicks from me last year and they reported that the chickens were doing great and are the tamest chickens ever! They said that one of them even comes up and sits by the hot tub with them:) They attached pictures of what they look like all grown up which i posted above. I love how the rooster (whose name is Steve Austin) has a fluffy beard like his papa Carl.

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I was walking to the barn a few days ago and upon the ground i found three items; a chunk of rabbit pelt, a severed rats tail, and a plastic army man all gathered beside one another. I thought it was an interesting assortment of odds and ends so i proceeded to drag several people out to the spot with promises of adventure and treasure but no one really thought it was as cool as i did. Oh well.
I’m guessing the perpetrator is either a bird of prey or a coyote. That or i need to start watching out for shady people in hooded robes looking for a chicken to sacrifice.

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The snow has melted here and it looks like spring might come sometime soon. The chickens are very happy that the grass and bugs have returned and i’m happy that i can start using the now unfrozen hose to fill up water dishes instead of lugging a heavy bucket from the laundry sink to the barn.

munchkin on nest

Weirdo gave up on being a mom but Munchkin has been sitting on a huge clutch of eggs for almost three weeks now. She is sitting on at least ten normal sized chicken eggs which i think is a lot for a bantam cochin but she manages to flatten herself over them all somehow. Good luck Munchie!

Here are some chicken pictures:


carl and henrietta

carl crow

carl puffy

carl crowing

carl again

trash piggy



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Mama Weirdo

My “special” EE hen weirdo decided that she wants to be a mama. She has been sitting on a clutch of assorted eggs that aren’t hers for about a week now. I’m hoping she will make a good mom and not eat the babies as a snack but she is named Weirdo for a reason y’know.



Here are some other unrelated pictures:


my neighbors horse

champ pig

Champ and Trash-Piggy

skull pile


metal buffalo skulls on display at the University of Windsor in the art school

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