Carl the Rooster

Here’s another blog post about chickens! This one is about Carl the silkie rooster. I didn’t really want a rooster but my sister bought him as a chick thinking he was a she but he was a he and he started crowing and fighting with her other rooster so i inherited him.

She brought him to my house in a kitty carrier and we plopped him into the yard. He saw Lando, Bjork and Pete who were at the time afraid to venture into the yard and showed them that it was ok. He then crowed at a menacing flock of Canada Geese flying overhead and scared Lando, Bjork, and Pete right back into the barn and it was then that i knew he was a keeper.

He protects his ladies, finds them bugs, lets them eat first most of the time unless bread is involved, and he is overall a cool dude.




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