The Harrow Fair

Once a year the town where i buy chicken feed has itself a fair. Its pretty neat and you can sometimes buy farm animals there. My sister who also has chickens bought a silkie hen one year that had won a prize at the fair. She named it Princess Vanilla Ice.

here is a link to my sister’s urban farming page:

I didn’t buy a chicken this year like i wanted but as for the fair it had rides and all the usual things your would expect but i was distracted more so by things like the biggest cow i have ever seen, a pigeon with curly feathers, pheasants with tiger stripes, and lots of other funky stuff. I also ate a corn dog

I didn’t take too many pictures but here are a few:

fro duck

a very fancy goose

an awesome penguin


a rather upset cauliflower sheep


The Harrow Fair

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