The Henriettas

These chickens were also given to me by my sister like Carl. Apparently she obtained them because a friend of hers had raided a research laboratory or was working on an experiment involved with them. I’m not really sure which and i’m not sure what they did to them but it had something to do with keeping them in complete darkness and then shining lasers into their eyeballs or whatever.
At first they didn’t know what rain was and would sit outside getting soaked for hours until someone put them inside. They still sit in the rain, just not for hours.. more like an hour and a half and they have figured out how to go inside after they are done showering.
The people at the lab cut their beaks off i guess so that they didn’t go insane and peck each other to death. They are pretty chill though so i’m guessing they never developed any murderous tendencies. It looks pretty funny though as if they are in a constant state of awe.
They were scruffy looking and pale when they first came to me and although they are still scruffy looking they love to lay in the sun and tan themselves or whatever the heck they are doing.
I originally just called them the lab chickens but a month ago my friend suggested i name them all Henrietta and it stuck. soo thats all i know about those guys.




carl and henriettas

carl and henriettas

Oh also they all have piercings on their wings with the number they were assigned w/ at the lab. You can see the tags sticking out in some of the pictures.

ok i’m done:)

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