Munchie & Peeps

Next chicken on the list is Munchkin (Munchie) the black bantam Cochin. When i first saw her i asked if i could pick her up and she had the sweetest temperament, at least that what it seemed. I bought her, put her in a box, and brought her home. Immediately when i let her go in the chicken area she launched out of the box, beat the snot out of all the Henriettas who were minding their own business, did the same to Carl, as well as Lando, Bjork and Pete who were babies at the time.
She is definitely a tough cookie. You wouldn’t expect her to be since she is as tiny as a softball but you just need to take one look into those eyes to know that she is pure evil.



However her evil for the most part seems to subside when it comes to babies. Recently my little Munchie went broody and started sitting on some eggs. I took them away but she then replaced them immediately with a wad of tinfoil which she seemed very protective over and eager to keep. I decided to let her sit on her dumb tinfoil as well as some eggs from the other hens, which i stuffed under her.
She sat on them for 21 days, growling and mumbling the entire time. I didnt know if they would even hatch but three of them did. They were bestowed the names Crud(black), Trash-Piggy(red), and Rotten(white).

Day One:

munchie and babies

baby chicken

Week or so later:

munchkin and peeps

munchie and babs

baby chickenn


back off!


peep peep peep

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