Bye Crud & Rotten

Two of the 3 baby chicks have found new homes (I’m going to keep Trash-Piggy the red one).
Crud the dapper little Silkie/Barred Rock rooster found a home with a wonderful lady who raises Silkies. She seemed like a great person and said she would send me pictures of him when he grows up.
Rotten the white Silkie mix went to go live with my lovely sister, her husband, and her flock. I’m sure she will love it there and maybe i will get to say hi when i go visit next time:)


trashpiggy and rotten




In other news, I have an incubator set up right now (not Munchie) and i heard the eggs peeping! I hope they hatch soon:]

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One Response to Bye Crud & Rotten

  1. Gill Edwards says:

    I really got a buzz from incubating eggs. I hatched 6 silkie eggs last year, only 4 hatched and 3 of them turned out to be naked necks instead, but they were so gorgeous i didnt care.
    I love your silkie X chick

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