The snow has melted here and it looks like spring might come sometime soon. The chickens are very happy that the grass and bugs have returned and i’m happy that i can start using the now unfrozen hose to fill up water dishes instead of lugging a heavy bucket from the laundry sink to the barn.

munchkin on nest

Weirdo gave up on being a mom but Munchkin has been sitting on a huge clutch of eggs for almost three weeks now. She is sitting on at least ten normal sized chicken eggs which i think is a lot for a bantam cochin but she manages to flatten herself over them all somehow. Good luck Munchie!

Here are some chicken pictures:


carl and henrietta

carl crow

carl puffy

carl crowing

carl again

trash piggy



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1 Response to Springtime?

  1. butthole says:

    i love your chickins please post more iupdates about your chikcins i’m so hapy that they are happy.

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