I was walking to the barn a few days ago and upon the ground i found three items; a chunk of rabbit pelt, a severed rats tail, and a plastic army man all gathered beside one another. I thought it was an interesting assortment of odds and ends so i proceeded to drag several people out to the spot with promises of adventure and treasure but no one really thought it was as cool as i did. Oh well.
I’m guessing the perpetrator is either a bird of prey or a coyote. That or i need to start watching out for shady people in hooded robes looking for a chicken to sacrifice.

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6 Responses to Gross

  1. cherries! says:

    I think it is very cool and I would have been delighted to find such a random assortment. The plastic army guy is the mystery ingredient though…

    p.s. I once found a mouse’s face (including whiskers & front teeth!) in the house and & pretty much everyone I told about it was not at all interested in looking at it. It was fascinating.

  2. thats worrying that an animal is collecting death trophies!!

  3. pnuts666 says:

    haha wow, i wonder where the rest of it went? last weekend i also found a rabbit skull intact with buck teeth and all so i gave it to my brother in law as a present:) it sounds like a terrible present but he likes stuff like that for some reason lol

  4. pnuts666 says:

    totally but at least none of the trophies are any animals i knew personally:)

  5. butthole says:

    how much for the rat tail?

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