All Grown Up

In a previous post i announced that Munchkin was attempting to hatch some eggs. Unfortunately the eggs were all duds so there are no baby chickens here currently.



I did however receive an e-mail from a couple who bought two baby chicks from me last year and they reported that the chickens were doing great and are the tamest chickens ever! They said that one of them even comes up and sits by the hot tub with them:) They attached pictures of what they look like all grown up which i posted above. I love how the rooster (whose name is Steve Austin) has a fluffy beard like his papa Carl.

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4 Responses to All Grown Up

  1. Erin Gordon says:

    i wish i could buy your chickens:(

  2. pnuts666 says:

    come to canada and get yourself a chicken eig

  3. butthole says:

    carl’s son is real cool.

  4. pnuts666 says:

    thanks karl:) so are you!

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