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Bye Blog

One of the drawbacks of owning chickens is that you can’t keep them in a one bedroom apartment in the city. So since I’m going to be moving to Montreal in a few days i had to give them away. … Continue reading

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All Grown Up

In a previous post i announced that Munchkin was attempting to hatch some eggs. Unfortunately the eggs were all duds so there are no baby chickens here currently. I did however receive an e-mail from a couple who bought two … Continue reading

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I was walking to the barn a few days ago and upon the ground i found three items; a chunk of rabbit pelt, a severed rats tail, and a plastic army man all gathered beside one another. I thought it … Continue reading

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The snow has melted here and it looks like spring might come sometime soon. The chickens are very happy that the grass and bugs have returned and i’m happy that i can start using the now unfrozen hose to fill … Continue reading

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Mama Weirdo

My “special” EE hen weirdo decided that she wants to be a mama. She has been sitting on a clutch of assorted eggs that aren’t hers for about a week now. I’m hoping she will make a good mom and … Continue reading

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